Become a GainCert partner (G.C.P.)

Don't develop your own course. Sell branded courses direct to your customers.

Quick to market

You can start selling courses direct to your customers within hours. You can customize your entire site using a WordPress theme.

Your branding

The online student experience is branded with your logo and you get your own company-branded URL.

Low cost

A G.C.P. can go to market selling our courses for only a small set up cost. This is much cheaper than developing a course from scratch.

High quality

To ensure the best student experience, GainCert invests in developing high quality courses designed using best practices for instructional design.


You can start selling accredited courses, straightaway. Your students use a voucher to sit the exams required for accreditation.


All courses use the latest web technology so they run on any platform. There’s no need to install apps. Students just need an internet connection.

Learn on the go

All our courses run on any device and on any platform – mobile, tablet or desktop – so busy students can learn on the go.

Online exams

All our accredited courses offer the opportunity to take exams online. Your students get a voucher to enable them to book and sit the exam.

Easy integration

G.C.P.’s can easily enroll students direct from their website using our easy to use standards-based API. You can enroll students in bulk too!


Find answers to your questions here or contact us below

What does GainCert do?

We design and create high quality online accredited training courses. We then re-brand those courses to brand identity of our partners (G.C.P.s). A G.C.P. can then sell those courses to their customers.

What are the benefits of becoming a GainCert partner (G.C.P.)?

There are lots of benefits. One major benefit is that a partner can go to market and start selling accredited courses under their own brand almost instantly. Well, it takes us a few hours to things up, but usually this can be done within one day. Another key benefit is that a G.C.P. can go to market with a very low initial investment. We have invested in developing the training so that the G.C.P. doesn’t have to.

What sort of companies can become a GainCert partner (G.C.P.)?

Any type of organisation can become a G.C.P. It might be a commercial organisation such as a training company. It could be an educational institute such as a college or university. It could even be a sole trader who wants to start selling online training courses

What does it cost to become a GainCert partner (G.C.P.)?

Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page for further details.

If I sell a GainCert course to my customer, how much money do I make?

That depends upon how much you sell it for, and how much you buy it from us for. Please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page for further details.

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