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CATWOE example

CATWOE infographic

Business analysis can often be a complex and demanding task. It requires an in-depth understanding of your chosen industry for you to make accurate predictions and forecasts.

Luckily, there are several business analyst models and techniques that business analysts can use to make sure they cover all the important aspects related to their research.

Business analysis models and techniques such as the CATWOE technique are covered in-depth in our Business Analyst Certification online courses.

CATWOE is a business analysis technique that provides a framework for defining and analysing business perspectives. It helps you answer questions in 6 key areas:

  • Customers – Who will benefit from your business solution? How will it affect them?
  • Actors – Who is involved in the project?
  • Transformation – How will the change affect the practice?
  • Worldwide – What is the whole picture? Is it what the stakeholders want?
  • Owner – Who will take ownership of the problems that may show up?
  • Environment – What constraints will stop the implementation of your solution?

CATWOE example

C Customers Students
A Actors Librarians
T Transformation Students will be able to easily access books and articles
W Worldwide Excellent library services for students
O Owner Library manager and team
E Environment Licensing agencies and copywrite laws

CATWOE infographic

This infographic shows the CATWOE business analyst technique.

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