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Using mind maps

Mind map tips


Mind maps are useful tools for brainstorming. They are often used to identify and solve problems.

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How to use mind maps

  1. Grab yourself a blank sheet of paper. Start in the middle of the page and write down what you think is the main issue you’re trying to address.
  2. Starting from the middle, add ‘branches.’ these branches should be directly related to the main issue and should represent departments, ideas or processes that you think might contribute to the issue.
  3. Take the branches and elaborate on the with more ‘2nd level branches.’ For example: If a 1st-level branch is “Slow IT services,” some 2nd-level branches might be “old software,” “old hardware” or “insufficient training.”

Mind map tips

  • Draw an image to represent your central idea.
  • Colour code your branches.
  • Keep descriptions short and to-the-point.

Using mind-maps may seem a little rudimentary, but they’re a great way to visually display the issue you face. While working through this activity, you might discover some new thoughts or ideas that didn’t occur to you before.

Mind map infographic

The following infographic illustrates how to use mind maps to improve your analysis process.

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