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MOST analysis


MOST analysis is used by business analysts to analyse the internal business environment of an organization.

Business analyst models and techniques such as MOST analysis are covered in-depth in our Business Analyst Certification online courses.

MOST is a highly structured business analysis method that helps every member of a business understand their role and ensure organizations stay focused on important goals.

MOST analysis

A MOST analysis is comprised of the following 4 parts:


This is a simple statement that declares what industry the organization is in, what its’ goals are, and which values it will strive to follow while achieving these goals.


This section focuses on those goals against which an organization’s success can be measured. Because of this, objectives must be objective and free of sentiment. For example, “Be one of the top 10 business in our industry” is a good goal, it’s easy to tell if criteria are being met or failed. “Be the best we can be” is a bad goal, there’s no clear way of defining what ‘best’ making it impossible to devise an appropriate strategy.


This is the medium/long term approach that will be taken by the business to achieve its’ objective. A good example of long-term strategies might be “build good client relations by investing in customer support,” or “save on overhead costs by working remotely.”


This referred to the detailed means by which strategy will be executed. An example of strategic planning might be deciding which software to use, or how heavily you’re going to rely on automation to complete a single set of tasks.

MOST analysis infographic

The following infographic explains how to use the MOST analysis technique in greater detail.

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