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ITIL v3 certification


The ITIL certification scheme provides a structured and modular approach to obtaining your qualification.

It is comprised of a series of certifications and learning modules each focused on a different aspect of ITSM.

The tiered structure allows ITIL candidates to select their preferred disciplines and focus their studies on key areas of interest.

ITIL v3 certification scheme

There are 5 levels of certification in the ITIL v3 scheme:

  • Foundation.
  • Practitioner.
  • Intermediate.
  • Expert.
  • Master.

ITIL v3 Foundation

ITIL v3 Foundation certification introduces the key elements, concepts and terminology of ITIL.

ITIL v3 Practitioner

ITIL v3 Practitioner certification improves the ability of candidates utilize ITIL practices and strategies in their work.

The practitioner level also prepares candidates to study intermediate modules and begin working towards an intermediate certification.

ITIL v3 Intermediate

Intermediate level certifications are modular. Candidates must accrue 17 credits (14 if you have successfully completed a practitioner course) from a selection of service lifecycle or service capability modules.

Intermediate modules go into more depth than either foundation or practitioner courses. Successfully attaining the required points will earn candidates an industry-recognized qualification.

ITIL v3 Expert

The ITIL Expert qualification is aimed at those who wish to demonstrate a knowledge of ITIL in its entirety.

This qualification requires completion of all previous modules, in addition to completion of the Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam.

ITIL v3 Master

To qualify for this certification, candidates must have successfully completed all previous modules in addition to attaining 5 years of managerial experience in ITSM.

The special exam requires candidates to demonstrate an understanding of the principles, methods and techniques of TIL, as well as knowledge of management techniques and practical management strategies.


The following infographic explains the ITIL v3 certification path in greater detail.

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