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The PRINCE2 framework


PRINCE2 is the world’s leading structured project management methodology.

PRINCE2 is a proven method based on best practices.

PRINCE2 provides clear guidance on the best way to manage projects.

PRINCE2 helps organizations get better control over projects and better return on investments.

To earn your PRINCE2 certification today, enroll in an online PRINCE2 course.

The PRINCE2 framework

PRINCE2 consists of 4 integrated elements:


These are the foundations of the method. Everything else is based on them. They can be universally applied.

There are 7 principles:

  • Continued business justification.
  • Learn from experience.
  • Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Manage by stages.
  • Manage by exception.
  • Focus on products.
  • Tailor to the project environment.


These are typical areas of the project which must be managed during the whole project.

There are 7 themes:

  • Business case.
  • Organization.
  • Quality.
  • Plans.
  • Risk.
  • Change.
  • Progress.


These describe what decisions need to be made, who makes them and when.

There are 7 processes:

  • Starting up a project.
  • Directing a project.
  • Initiating a project.
  • Controlling a stage.
  • Managing project delivery.
  • Managing a stage boundary.
  • Closing a project.

Tailor to the project environment

No two projects are the same. Therefore, apply PRINCE2 sensibly according to the needs of each projects’ specific environment.

Those aspects that can be tailored include:

  • Themes
  • Processes
  • Management products
  • Project management team roles and responsibilities

PRINCE2 methodology infographic

The following infographic explains the PRINCE2 framework, including the 7 PRINCE2 themes and processes.

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